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Do you know what your different workspace options are?

At Hedge we will help you understand the options available and assist you in securing the perfect workspace for your needs.

Photo Credit: WeWork
Photo Credit: WeWork
Serviced Offices

Fast & Flexible

Hot-Desking memberships, Resident Desk memberships and Private Office memberships. Serviced Offices can provide a range of membership tiers from single hot-desk to a self-contained floor for hundreds of staff, all with the ease of paying just one monthly cost.

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Managed Solution

'Your brand, not theirs'.

Managed solutions allow tenants to create their own space within a building that feels and looks like their own, but still allows flexibility, simplicity and the ease of one monthly cost.

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Conventional Lease

'A home for your business'.

With unlimited ways to customise your own office space, taking a lease gives you the security of a long term commitment for your team and your business.

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